Friday, October 14, 2016

Kristel Ann Foster's remarks on Comprehensive Sex Ed in TUSD

Kristel Ann Foster was asked....TUSD recently voted to include comprehensive sexuality education in its classrooms. What would you like this new curriculum to look like? 

Her response: "Like many school districts, TUSD has a sex-ed policy with the word “comprehensive.’’ But this word is often up for interpretation. We revised our policy to define the word “comprehensive” so that we are clear that our classes provide medically accurate, age-appropriate information about anatomy and reproduction, teach students about the risks of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and empower students to make decisions for themselves about their bodies and relationships.

We have appointed a committee of community members who will come together and review current curriculum, and possible new curriculum to adopt, to make sure these materials cover this definition of “comprehensive,” and do so in a way that respects the diverse opinions and perspectives in our community."

Thank you Planned Parenthood for endorsing Kristel Ann Foster for TUSD!

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